To the sea, all things lead to the sea

As a small island, it encompasses us and in some way I feel has helped mould us.
The ever changing movement of the tides, the changing of the seasons, the varied and diverse geology of our coast has always been a deep source of inspiration for me. For a long time, most of the decisions I have made in my life revolve around my relationship to the sea and its ever changing moods.

I have always been most at peace floating on the sea with nothing but the birds watching over me. There is a great sense of tranquility to be found in the isolation of being completely alone and at the mercy of the sea.

A constant through all of my work has been a deep fascination with the shapes of water. These fleeting moments as light bounces off something that is never fixed or permanent. The lines and textures that are created.
It was the driving force to begin photography, it's why I first chanced swimming in the ocean with a camera.

This collection of photographs are of an image I have been capturing for as long as I can remember.
That dividing line, something between here and there, forever constant but somehow not real.
There is a connectivity with the ocean: all the seas are linked, but I will forever get lost staring at the infinite line