John Beasley Photography: Blog en-us (C) John Beasley Photography [email protected] [email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:16:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:16:00 GMT John Beasley Photography: Blog 120 120 Drif - Moss Gaynor ​​​​​​A few years back, Moss Gaynor took inspiration from a Tom Wegener chip I have and created a sculpture for the Inchydoney Island Hotel
I had photographed a lot of the sessions Moss had on the board during his search for inspiration on it and a lot of the construction process.
Recently, I took some of the images I had shot over the last few years and put them into a book for Mossys birthday just so there would be a physical copy of the documentation of the project. 
I wasnt really too sure what else to do with it, so without further adieu, Drift by Moss Gaynor Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way Drift - Moss GaynorSculpture at Inchydoney Island Hotel on Wild Atlantic Way  

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FORM '16 @ Ballymaloe House Im just in the door from having a little bit of a sneak preview of some of the work on show for this years FORM exhibition at Ballymaloe.

(from the Artistic Alliance press release)

The launch evening reception shall take place on the lawn at Ballymaloe House on Mid Summers Day – Tuesday 21st June and shall run from then until August 31st. The show is open daily from 9am to 9pm and admission is free. For 2016 the exhibition has attracted a superb list of artists from Ireland and overseas and encompasses the full range of sculptural disciplines. The line up includes John Coll, Jason Ellis, Redmond Herrity, Eileen McDonagh, Tim Morris, Elizabeth O’Kane, Patrick O’Reilly, Michael Quane, Martha Quinn, and Vivienne Roche to mention but a few. The artists themselves shall be in attendance for the launch night and thus offers a great opportunity to discuss their sculptures with them.

Refreshments shall be served on the front lawn at 6.30pm on Tuesday 21st June.  There shall be an informal walk with the artists through the 90-piece exhibition. The event, which has gained great popularity over the years, is sure to attract a large audience again this year.

Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe Artistic Alliance @ Ballymaloe

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A little bit of planning, a lot of driving. Over the years I have covered most of the coast on the south end of the country looking for surfable waves.
(its like an addiction, once you get locked into serious wave hunting, the tendency is to push it as far as you can....)

It's these wanderings that really developed my love for photography.  

As the saying goes, pics or it didn't happen! So I would always tote a camera with me to prove to my friends I wasn't mad and there really were waves in some of these far flung locations. Over the years, it slowly started to becoming about the pictures and finding the waves wasn't as important. 

Well, the first time I stumbled across this location it had been on a real mission to find surf and we gave it no more than a passing glance as pretty rocks were not as important as finding waves. 

I have been there once or twice since but in the middle of the day, or in the rain and it just had never really came alive for me as a image. So last week when I was chatting to another photographer friend of mine (the amazing Emma Jervis) and we realised we both had a Friday off, we thought the best way to spend our down time was going taking more pictures! (again, once you get locked into a serious image hunting, the tendency is to push it as far as you can....)

So I started a little bit of planning.... 

No matter what, there is always some level of planning goes into a image, even if its just remembering to bring a camera with you, but this was going to be at best, a four and a half hour round trip, so a little more thought was needed. 
There was going to be no point being there is the sunset and tides did not tie up, so the first stop was The Photographers Ephemeris an absolutely indispensable little bit of software for knowing sunrise/sunsets.

The photographers Ephemeris Planning images on the wild atlantic way

And I used accuweather to check the tides to make sure there would be plenty of water about.

Accuweater was also fantastic to check we would actually have a sunset waiting for us.

Interesting clouds, possible thunder storms, ideal day out :)

Accuweather planning

Next, was how long this was actually going to take as the last thing you want is to be running round like mad as the light drops trying to find the best possible composition. So the plan was to tip away down for early in the afternoon so we would be under no pressure and be well set for that golden hour.

While it is more about the journey then the destination, we still wanted to have time on our side when we got to that destination. 

Route planning google mapsPlanning images on the wild atlantic way

So as we pottered down a road I have travelled many many times, the van was pulled to a screeching halt. A field of wild flowers, a lone tree, mountains! If that didnt deserve some attention nothing does!
It was mid afternoon, so not ideal, but its been filed away in the memory banks now for another visit on a more opportune time 
wild atlantic way landscape imageWild Flowers and a lone tree

One of the benefits of travelling with another photographer? Photos of photos being taken! 

All the hiking through the long grass did prove a bit much for poor Emma though ;)

So onwards we pottered. 
One of the best things about pottering is just having the time to stop and take in the details you might normally drive straight past. Like a man selling free range eggs from the door of his house. Now, it did help, this was the view from the door of his house :)

irish landscape images wild atlantic wayEyeries Panorama Wild Atlantic Way landscape panorama eyeries west cork wild atlantic way

And again is a photo really taken if you dont have a photo of a photo been taken :)

eyeries landscape photoFree range eggs, wild atlantic way, landscape photo, vw

So onwards we travelled, all the while, watching the clouds build and wondering were we absolutely mad to have taken such a chance. 

Short answer? No :) 

wild atlantic way landscape imageAllihies bowlPlanning images on wild atlantic way, allihies bowl

The place is truly special, just an amazing geological formation that lends it self oh so well to the joys of landscape photography.            

The area was always synonymous for copper mining and the rock really has some fantastic tones coming through. 



Irish Landscape photosAllihies BowlWild Atlantic Way Landscape Photos West Cork

Emma getting her photo on :)

As much fun as our running about all day was. You always have to stop and smell the roses :) 


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Not all those who wander are lost I know I might be slightly biased, but I do love this whole Wild Atlantic Way bit. 

The last few weeks had been a wee bit hectic, so, Monday with no real plan in mind I pottered west along the Wild Atlantic Way. 
A quick coffee in Skib, a bit of a wander round Schull, and then out again til there was no more out. 

Its a while since I made it as far as Mizen head, but its no less beautiful then the last time I was there. 
Wild Atlantic Way Photography Toormore to BallyrisodeStopped on the Wild Atlantic Way looking towards Ballyrisode Beach from Toormore Alter Wedge Tomb

I was just so so taken with the colours and textures. 
Alternative landscapeThe tones from Mt GabrielAs cold as it was, I just stood and stared at the tones
Alternative Landscapes on the Wild Atlantic WayToormore texturesTones of rock/earth/ocean/clouds
Alternative Landscape PhotographyMt Gabriel to Cape ClearStanding atop Mt Gabriel overlooking Roaring Water Bay and Cape Clear
As beautiful as it was down there it was gut wrenching to watch the mountain sides in flames as I sat on the pier in Crookhaven.
Watch the mountains burnWatching illegal fires burn from Crookhaven
Moments at Rineen WoodsMoments at Rineen Woods, Union Hall on the Wild Atlantic Way Moments at Rineen WoodsMoments at Rineen Woods, Union Hall on the Wild Atlantic Way Staring to RaheenStaring out to Raheen on the way to Castletownsend
After many many miles over the last few days and many trips down little lanes and up paths for no other reason then I could, I was luck enough the amazing Emma Jervis  came to meet me and show me how to find the Fairys and the Hobbits in Rineen woods, so remember, not all those who wander are lost.
Not All Those Who Wander Are LostHobbit fairy house in Rineen Woods
[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Barleycove Mizen Head Schull Wild Atlantic Way Photography hobbits union hall Wed, 23 Mar 2016 21:07:49 GMT
So here's to 2015 I try not to be one for too much introspection. There is only so much you can learn from looking back and all that but 2014 was an interesting year in all sorts of ways and I think 2015 could be an important one, so before I closed off my 2014 images folder and opened my 2015, I had a look through and picked out a few images I liked. 

Their not all perfect, some of them probably not all that interesting (there's a lot of pictures of my bus...) but there was something in everyone of them that ment something to me.

So, in no particular order...

   Impossible iOS App Impossible iOS App


Ok, so there is a  few more bus pics then I thought. My lovely lady wife said more then once, it wasnt so much us on holiday, just me bringing the bus on a tour :) 



So here's to 2015 and I really hope a little bit more of this!


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Knocknarea, Co Sligo Back in July, my good lady wife was doing a course in the Leitrim Sculpture centre for a few days. While she was there, I had to occupy myself, so I took a notion and walked up a mountain.

This was not something I had really planned on (or ever done before) but I had bugger all else to do for the day while she was in there breaking rocks, so I went for a wander.

Knocknarea had always interested me after hearing all about the mythology of it years earlier on one of my first trips to Sligo, so I thought I would go up and pay my respects to Queen Maeve.

It was an absolutely stunning day on the walk up


Proper hot summer stuff. One of the hounds actually stopped bout the half way mark looking at me as it to say, forget it mate, your carrying me from here (but then he realised there were sheep about....)

When we got to the top, I could see the dark clouds rolling in and we got caught in a full thunder and lightening storm, an experience to say the least :) 

I think the drenched everything was worth it for this shot though


And sur I couldnt go all that way up with out taking a a long exposure of a few rocks

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sun, 07 Sep 2014 19:15:46 GMT
Under a honeymoon.... Last Friday, I was lucky enough to share a very special day with two people who are almost family.

My sisters fiancee's sister, married her betrothed Shane and while every wedding is always an amazingly special day, the date they picked had a few other connotations. Most people may shy away with being married on Friday the 13th, but Shane was following in his parents footsteps who were also married on a Friday the 13th of June. The little difference was, that last friday, coincided with a full moon.
The last time that we had a full moon on a Friday 13th of June was in 1919 and we wont see one again until 2098. Now, there is a special name on a full moon in June and that is the "honey moon"
The reason for this is, when the moon rises, it is much closer to the earth then other times of its lunar cycle, because of this, it is given a beautiful "honey" like glow from light bouncing off dust and pollen particles in our atmosphere.
Back in our unenlightened pagen times, weddings would often be held around the time of the summer solstice, which would often also coincide with the full moon, which in June is referred to as the honeymoon and that period of the full moon, was considered the happiest of the newly married couples and this is where the phrase honeymoon comes from today. 

Naturally when I heard this, I really wanted to incorporate the rising moon into a photo for the newly weds and with a setting like the amazing Dunmore house with the ocean reaching away before you I thought all my christmas had came at once!
I was outside waiting at 10pm with everything set up and ready to go but after a day of blistering sunshine, a bank of cloud moved in and blocked our view of the rising moon and by 10:30 and still no sign, I admitted defeat. 
When I finally said my good byes last night and went to head for the car, the moon shinning on calm ocean was what greeted me.

So very hastily, for one more time, I pulled the newly weds out for one last photo and though its not the one I had envisioned I think it may favourite of the day.
These are just another few moments throughout the day I thought I might share.
And on a day like this, its all about the love :)

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 14 Jun 2014 20:20:51 GMT
Mining for stoke! I was looking for an image the other night and I was kind of disappointed in myself at the amount of images I have that had never made it to my site.

There is always something else that needed to be done first, emails to be answered, images to be edited that I never took the time to keep up to date on own personal work. 

Well, for the last two days I have trawled through the archives and I have updated! 
I have managed to find a few gems I had forgotten about completely, like these two:

So, to mark this occasion, I am going to offer a 20% discount on all online sales until the 30thof April. 

All you have to do is enter this when you are checking out

And you will get a whopping 20% off!
So have at it! Here are my newly updated galleries:

So go have a route around in them and treat yourself, your walls deserve it!



[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sun, 23 Mar 2014 17:26:21 GMT is not down in any map, true places never are A few weeks back, I took this shot. 

I have always struggled to name images, but I have never felt a quote more apt then " is not down in any map, true places never are" from Herman Melville.

For nearly fifteen years I have checked this spot. That was as good as I have seen it. And we drove away. 

Its easy now, weeks later, to discuss the how's and the why's and the what if's, but I think it is a session I will always wonder about every time I see that image. 


Well, the other day, I was given my reprieve.  
And again, Mr Melville, has came to my aid with another title. 

"Birds... the birds... He rises!"

It was far far from perfect, but it was some sort of a relief for a bad decision. Now I have seen the white whale up close and it will haunt me but the hunt will continue :)  



Now, while it may not have been perfect, it wasnt all that terrible either ;)


Mossy was pretty stoked to have gotten outta the wind, and after years of me prattling on about the potential, he's starting to come around.


My only regret from that sessions was, when I was leaving my house in the dark and the cold, the case for the waterhousing stayed in the hallway. Some amazing hollow sections that will just have to wait til next time....

If you do like any of these images, dont forget, everything can be ordered through the gallery's here

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Irish steel So the Surfers Journal published a two page spread of photos of mine.


Even excited just getting to type that. Beyond stoked.

For years the journal has been my source of inspiration and my yard stick for what good looks like. 



This has to come with a big thank you to Mossy, the sculptor, for allowing me in to photograph the process of him at work. Its thanks to him I had anything to offer the Journal at all. (Iv promised him, next time it will be a of him deep in the barrel that appears in the Journal)

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Few new images in the galleries Few new images thrown into the galleries lately and a few more to come in the coming days but here are two from way way too early this morning. It was still dark leaving the house, but I think it was worth it 

Im struggling for a name for this one (as I do most photos) I think it really has to be horse themed....


Wild horses

I know I dont normally post photos of other peoples kids here but this one was from a portrait session last week and the little dude was REALLY getting into it :)

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Blackwater Outdoor Activity Centre (and happy birthday Ciara) Last weekend was really jam packed, I had a family portrait Saturday morning, I had a delivery to make Sunday (and some surfing to be fitted in) but between the two I took a spin up to the Blackwater Outdoor Activity Centre for a friends birthday and was blown away with what was waiting for us. 


Bar the amazing Blackwater Castle, there is an absolutely fantastic activity centre, we were signed up for zip lining, wall climbing and archery but there seemed to be no end of activities on offer, including floating yourself down the river in inflated tubes which I gotta admit I will be going back up to do. If you want to find out more about them, click here

Here just a few of the pics I got along the way

(and a big thanks to our two instructors, ye were patient lads)



[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Tue, 21 May 2013 20:24:33 GMT
We just had our summer Hope you didnt miss it. 

I had a full weekend, it started Friday and finished last night but there was quite a bit shoved in between it all, but most important, I managed to fit in, not only a swim or two but a surf and I even have a photo to prove it!


Im not going to lie, it was small, but it was sunny, the water was clear and noting compares to just surfing with your friends. 

And with a big shout out to Mossy who took over photographic duties to let me get a wave or two.



This one is a little different but I still kinda like it.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Mon, 20 May 2013 20:02:39 GMT
No new waves? The lies Iv been told all these years.

Needless to say, car nearly went into a ditch today when I saw this. 

It amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes open. 

Small it may look but it was doing its very best to turn itself inside out. 

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Mon, 13 May 2013 20:24:34 GMT
More sporadic updates! I have came to the conclusion I suck at keeping a blog. To make this worse, I read hundreds of the damn things, I just really struggle to sit down and go, yup, thats worth putting down. 

Anyways, exhibition is now up in Clon and a great opening night was had by all (It did take the few days to recover from that one)

I have also updated a few of the galleries, just a few new bits and pieces here and there. Again, I sat down and looked at the back log of work that had never made it onto the site and wanted to kick myself. 

Things like this, from a amazing weekend I had in Clare a few months back 

And this

Twas a lovely Sunday afternoon for a walk on the beach, it was not a lovely afternoon for swimming about the place. 

Sunday stroll Or EVEN this one, Lunch at the bar. It hurt to be working that day I can tell you...

Lunch at the bar

I do have quite a bit coing up in the next couple of months but as always, Im terrified to announce anything until I know its going to happen, but once I do, I will put it up here. Soon, I swear. 


On a unrelated note, I want to try organise a bit of a different photo shoot, soooo, does anyone out there in the www wide world, know where I could get my hands on a mermaid tail? If you know someone willing to wear it, even better, but at the moment, Im just going to start with the tail.


And just cos there's reems of these gone into the galleries lately, here's a wave, froze in time. 

And just in case anyone really likes what they see, the shop is now back open on the gallery pages, I try to print everything on hahnemuhle bamboo archival grade paper (the bamboo just gives these amazing creamy warm tones), so you are getting absolutely amazing value for amazing pieces of art! 

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 20 Apr 2013 15:00:49 GMT
New Exhibition Opening Saturday the 13th of April So, again, pretty delighted to be able to make this announcement.

My collection of work has found a new home for the summer months in The Winery on Astna Square in Clonakilty, and I'm lucky enough that the First Friday Dj's have agreed to do a set on a Saturday in the middle of the month to mark the occasion.


If your in the area on the night, pop in and say hello.


As well as the framed limited edition work, The Winery will be stocking some of my mounted prints for the duration, which are also available through the galleries here and in Wildside sports in Bandon.


To mark the occasion, I am going to run a facebook competition and give away a print at the end of the month. So head on over to and like and share to be in with a chance to win a image.


Before I finish I want to say a big thank you to the Grainstore in Ballymaloe House who were kind enough to allow me to debut this collection and for that I will be forever grateful.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Wed, 03 Apr 2013 17:25:04 GMT
I hold the wolf Before I go any further, turn off what ever you are listening to and put this on for a while.

Last night, Rest launched I Hold The Wolf, a really fantastic offering from a Cork band. One of the best albums I have heard in a long long time.

It was also the first time I ever brought a camera to a gig. I have been to thousands of them, Iv even played a few but I never felt the need to bring a camera with me. Generally there is drinking involved at these things and I am forgetful enough at the best of times but I was driving last night and wasn't too happy at the thought of leaving my camera bag sitting in the car in the middle of town on a Saturday night, so, I had my first forray into live music photography.

They really weren't lying. You could "feel" the drums....


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) I hold the wolf album cork launch music pav pavillion rest Sun, 17 Feb 2013 12:26:49 GMT
I really do love sun rise at Inchydoney Especially when its just a few mates out to share it with.


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) cork hotel inchydoney ireland island longboard longboarding surf surfing waves wegener Mon, 04 Feb 2013 20:24:37 GMT
First swim of 2013 was somewhere new And oh how I felt it, cramping is no fun. Definitely further then I thought.

Thanks to the Real Pete Douglas for getting me doing my best seal impression and thanks to Danny for being willing to go.

Its all about perspective and a millisecond in the difference.

Gotta love these summery days in west Cork....


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 19 Jan 2013 18:28:08 GMT
Exhibiton at Ballymaloe House I may be jumping the gun on this one slightly but Im too excited not too. After the An Taisce awards night, I started thinking what to do next while I had some momentum behind me. Well, the great people in Ballymaloe house agreed to take a shot with me so, Im absolutely over the moon to announce this.


The collection consists of fourteen pieces, all of which are limited edition digigraphie prints, which you can find out more about here.

Everything is been collected Friday and should be hung by Saturday morning.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:49:07 GMT
Wild Side Sports Bandon
Called down to the lovely Phil and Laurie in Wild Side Sports in Bandon earlier to drop in some mounted 10x8 for the Christmas shopping season.

You can find more about Wild Side here on facebook

This is just a small selection of the images their going to have on show.

Baltimore Beacon



Sunset Inchydoney Emerald

Marching to Castlefreak


And of course, this one :)


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 24 Nov 2012 19:16:51 GMT
An Taisce Clean Coast, Coastal Landscape photo of the year

Needless to say, absolutely over the moon.

A big thank you to An taisce, and coca cola Ireland for organising a great competition and awards ceremony Friday night.

There was some really fantastic work on show last Friday evening, you can see all 41 short listed entries here


Iv also now cracked and have a John Beasley Photography facebook

You can find it here.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sun, 11 Nov 2012 16:00:36 GMT
Twice in two days! Its almost like old times, I cant remember the last time I got to the beach twice in two days. Stoked as.

Im after setting up a new link under clients, surf sessions. Just somewhere to dump random photos from surf session I have. Better here then having them just sitting on the hard drive. Anyway, todays are here.

Heres a little sample in case you dont want to click the link.


Fatherhood really ages some people....

A very stoked man on a new fish. As happy as Al was to be in Cork, I think he was just delighted to be in the water

I think photographing empty waves is still my favourite way to pass an hour or two :)


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) castlefreak cork ireland surfing wave Sun, 07 Oct 2012 18:16:11 GMT
YEAH! Even more surf photos! Cant beat summer in October :)

Really didnt expect to find this day. HUGE drive for it, but worth it.


[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 06 Oct 2012 19:02:18 GMT
Sense versus sanity Turns out their not mutually exclusive

Anyway, here are some photos.

The ever elusive wookie made a rare appearance from his adopted home in the pale to the real capital...

This is a empty wave.

This lad is all about the Bing...

It doesnt look like much but his wave actually provided quite the beating. I was quite happy to go home after this one.

The man behind the mojo looking all moody and pensive like.

A request has been put in for a eye test, he's adamant he never saw me. Im not small and Im only about two feet away....

Al keeps telling me product testing is as important as shaping, how else will he know what works.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:16:24 GMT
So not much has been happening  

Been trying to shift a cough with a few weeks so Im limiting my exposure to the outside world. Here a few I have snapped the once or twice Iv been out and about.





[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sat, 15 Sep 2012 12:45:46 GMT
New ad in Tonnta Im lucky enough to be friends with one of the most progressive shapers in Ireland.

Its always a constant source of inspiration for new material to photograph, but it always keeps me thinking and looking for new angles to try get something different. I had wanted something half decent to put up on his new facebook a/c just to get the word around and came up with the concept for this ad.

Having the concept was one thing, but to go get it was a complete different story. This particular day there was one set that pinned me to the sand like a squashed frog :)


Eventually Martin paddled past and asked why I was sitting inside the peak and just being hammered. I explained I wanted to try get a pic of him cutting back around me. He paddled back out and this was his next wave.

The ad turned out to be so well received on facebook that Al took it one step further, a slightly modified version has appeared in this months Tonnta. Pretty stoked.


Out of all the people Iv shot, Martins right up there. From day one when I said you need to be this close to me if you want to get photos, he's done it. Its a bit like having my own performing monkey ;)

Heres the shot I got of Martin the very first time I tried shooting with him in the water...

Flying fish Just for perspective, that was shot at 10mm, Iv since gotten a helmet.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Sun, 12 Aug 2012 10:59:46 GMT
Congradulations to Aoife and Florie Weekend before last I got to shoot a wedding for two people Iv known since I was way too small.

I must admit I was apprehensive shooting a wedding of friends but afterwards I felt truly blessed to have gotten to experience such a special day of two close friends from a much closer perspective.


Its been a long week of editing but here's just one or two I thought I might share with the www world.

[email protected] (John Beasley Photography) Tue, 07 Aug 2012 21:04:34 GMT
Still havent caught up. So, since I started this site, this blog has been on my mind.

I follow a few other blogs and I know the ones I enjoy have a constant stream of content to keep them interesting but I just cant seem to get ahead of myself enough to sit down long enough to put some random thoughts down in one place. I do intend to try keep this updated on a regular enough basic but tonight will be a little more stream of consciousness and a overall general attempt to catch up (and some pictures thrown in for good measure)

Few weeks back I said there was a little project on the go, well little is subjective. There was a 11'3 steel surfboard and a 6' steel duck on the go.

When I get a little more time to compose myself Il put up a seperate piece for each of these, I really think they deserve it, but until then you can make do with a army of ducks...

Both of these went upto the Volvo Ocean Race so I felt it was only right to follow them (part of the reason I still cant get ahead of myself...)

While I was there I got very good at talking people into photos. I even convinced our number one citizen to stop and shake the hand of a man with a duck on his head....

We dont mention the duck....

(again, this photo in itself deserves so much more of an explanation. Anyone that knows me, knows I could probably talk my way into a lot of silly situations, this one was truly a dusie)

After Galway, I felt I need some time to chill out, so I tried a walk around our fair city one evening. I just cant ever switch off

I finally gave in and thought it best just to the wilds, sit down and compose myself and get back ontop of all the photos. So, headed for Dingle on the basis that I could go eat in Out of the Blue again, yup, place is just that good. Not long after I arrived though, my lap top finally gave up the fight so I just had to give in and try relax and not think about all I wasnt getting done. I did manage to get one ad sent off before she gave up but I think il keep that for a little later.


Whats life without a little spice.... Gotta travel with a buddy, for safety... Dont let the demeanor fool you, he take no shit from no one....

This was my last night down Slea head, yes, the sky really was this color, absolutely amazing sunset.

Now, officially, Im not allowed in the water at the moment.

Iv never really had any sense.

Well, caught up? Ish anyway. Iv more photos to expand on from most of these sessions but all things come in time. Just really felt I needed to get the ball rolling again. (also Iv a wedding on this weekend and needed to keep myself occupied)

Just in case anyone is really itching to own some beautiful art, the shop is now officially open on my galleries, just click on the right for prices and sizing, sorry if its a little clunky, still a work in progress . I am hoping to organize larger, specially printed, limited edition framed prints of some of my personal favourites but all in time.

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Small preview of a project still on the go Been a slightly mental few weeks.

Next week isn't looking all that quieter, but more about that later.

Here's just a few teaser pics for next week.

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Hi Five



Hi and thanks for checking out my new site and blog. Please follow or subscribe for updates on new work or other ramblings.



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